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HDPE Waterproofing Membrane

  • Tunnel Waterproofing HDPE Membrane

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    Tunnel Waterproofing HDPE Membrane

    1. Product description Tunnel Waterproofing HDPE Membrane(DYP-819) is a widely used waterproof membrane that using ethylene, vinyl acetate co-polymer/polyethylene as main material, mixing in other modification additives. Its anti-aging and high durability make it specially...Read More

  • HDPE Plastic Pond Liner

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    HDPE Plastic Pond Liner

    1.Product Introduction HDPE(EVA) plastic pond liner(DYP-819) is a flexible and durable construction waterproof membrane which Using ethylene and Vinyl acetate co-polymer/polyethylene as main material, mixed with other modification additives. Since it has excellent...Read More

  • HDPE-EVA Waterproofing Geomembrane

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    HDPE-EVA Waterproofing Geomembrane

    Product Overview EVA/HDPE waterproof membrane(DYP-819) is mainly made from ethylene, vinyl acetate copolymer/polyethylene, blended with other modification additives. Due to its excellent aging resistance and good weldability, this membrane is widely used in various types of...Read More

  • Hot-gas Welding High Density Polyethylene Sheet

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    Hot-gas Welding High Density Polyethylene Sheet

    1. Product description HDPE waterproof sheet(DYP-819) is a high density polyethylene sheet that using ethylene, vinyl acetate co-polymer/polyethylene as main raw material, adding with other modification additives. 2. Product performance High tensile strength high elongation...Read More

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