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Urban Underground Utility Tunnel Project Gallery 2017 Feb 09, 2018

Urban Underground Utility Tunnel Project Gallery 2017

        Urban Underground Utility Tunnel is a public tunnel which is used to concentrate the power, communication, radio and television, water supply, drainage, heat, gas and other municipal pipelines in the underground of city. Construction of urban underground pipe, not only effectively solve the "zipper" the road "spider" air and pipeline frequent accidents, to ensure the security of city, promote urban functions, improve the urban landscape is of great significance. In 2017, the main construction and supply of the underground comprehensive pipe corridor project in Dayu group of guangdong province is more than 6 which spread all over the country.

Urban Underground Utility Tunnel Project Gallery 2017

1China Yejin underground utility tunnel PPP project (second PPP demonstration project of the ministry of finance)

The Main Materials:

HDPE  self-adhered waterproof membrane 

SBS modified bitumen root resistance waterproof membrane

911 double unit polyurethane waterproof coating

Waterproofing Area:5700,000.00

2Qingdao new airport working area, terminal area underground utility tunnel waterproof project.

The Main Materials:

DCPS cross-laminated self-adhered waterproof membrane

PVC waterproof membrane

Polyurethane waterproof coating

JS Polymer cementious waterproof coating

Waterproofing Area:200,000.00

3The underground utility tunnel project of changjiangnan new town, meizhou city (the first PPP project in Guangdong province)

The Main Materials:

PVC waterproof membrane

Double side self-adhered bitumen waterproof membrane

Crystalline cement waterproof coating

Rubber waterstop tape

Galvanized steel plate waterstop tape

Polysulfide sealant

Waterproofing Area:200,000.00

4Nanning yudong avenue (yinhai - liangqing) underground utility tunnel project .

The Main Materials:

Self-adhered bitumen waterproof membrane

Waterproofing Area:200,000.00

5No.1 Road of Nanning longgang area (jiangwan road - wuxiang avenue)  underground utility tunnel project 

The Main Materials:

DCPS Self-adhered polymer waterproof membrane

Waterproofing Area:150,000.00


The Main Materials:

DCPS Self-adhered cross-laminated polymer waterproof membrane

Waterproofing Area:250,000.00