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Liquid Waterproof Coating

Owing to features of liquid waterproofing coating like shiny finish, corrosion-resistant and non-peel able, the entire range of products are well known in the waterproof industry.
  • One Part SPU Coating

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    One Part SPU Coating

    DAYU® SPU Pure Polyurea Waterproofing Coating DESCRIPTION SPU is a solvent free, single-component pure polyurea coating. The seamless coating provides an elastic yet tear resistant surface for applications subjected to extreme wear and tear, strong impact and chemical...Read More

  • Liquid Rubber Asphalt Waterproofing Paints

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    Liquid Rubber Asphalt Waterproofing Paints

    1.Product overview This Non-curable liquid rubber asphalt waterproof paints is a single component coating. It mainly consists of rubber and asphalt, by adding in high polymer modifier and additive. It can maintain a long lasting non-cured colloid state, despite a continuing...Read More

  • Non-curing Rubberized Bitumen Coating

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    Non-curing Rubberized Bitumen Coating

    1.Product introduction The Non-curing rubberized bitumen waterproof coating is made of rubberized asphalt. After application, the product can remain a non-cured colloid state for a very long time, providing an ideal adaptability to structural vibration and deformation. This...Read More

  • Self-healing Rubber Asphalt Waterproofing Coating

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    Self-healing Rubber Asphalt Waterproofing Coating

    1.Overview The Self-healing non-curing rubber asphalt waterproof coating is a rubberized bituminous coating for construction waterproofing use. It is specially developed for joints, seams and places susceptible to structural vibration and deformation in buildings and...Read More

  • Polymer Emulsion Waterproofing Coating

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    Polymer Emulsion Waterproofing Coating

    1 . Product overview Polymer emulsion waterproof coating is made from styrene-acrylic emulsion, pure acrylic emulsion and additives. This product is to mix with cement and sand by a certain ratio during construction. The mixture will then solidify and form a dense waterproof...Read More

  • Polymer Latex Waterproofing Coating

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    Polymer Latex Waterproofing Coating

    1. Introduction of product Polymer latex waterproof coatingis a single component product. It is made from pure acrylic emulsion, styrene-acrylic emulsion and other additives. At application, the product is supposed to be mixed with cement and sand by a proper ratio. The...Read More

  • Acrylic Metal Roof Waterproofing Coatings

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    Acrylic Metal Roof Waterproofing Coatings

    DYC-735,acrylic polymer waterproof coating is a water-based, free of organic solvent and eco-friendly single unit synthetic polymer waterproof coating. It uses self-crosslinking pure acrylic emulsion as basic material. It is specially suitable for metal roof waterproofing...Read More

  • Acrylic Polymer Waterproofing Emulsion

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    Acrylic Polymer Waterproofing Emulsion

    DYC-735,Conservation technology acrylic roof system is designed to permanently waterproof most new or existing roofs with positive drainage, including roofs with low slopes and complicated flashings. The system consists of two principal components: a premium elastomeric...Read More

  • Polymer Modified Cementious Waterproofing Coating

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    Polymer Modified Cementious Waterproofing Coating

    JS polymer modified cement based waterproofing coating 1. Introduction of the product JS polymer modified cement based coating is a two component product. It consists of inorganic powder and organic emulsion. After properly applied, the product forms a waterproofing membrane...Read More

  • Elastomeric Cementious Waterproofing Coating

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    Elastomeric Cementious Waterproofing Coating

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  • Flexible Cement-based Waterproof Coating

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    Flexible Cement-based Waterproof Coating

    DYC-734, the two components acrylic-modified cementitious waterproofing system. Requires surface to be wetted down prior to application. Suitable for internal use in swimming pools, kitchens, toilets, balconies, water tanks; also suitable for external use such as parking...Read More

  • Rigid Cement-base Waterproofing Coating

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    Rigid Cement-base Waterproofing Coating

    DYC-933,imported masterbatch with silicate method for making cement as base material, powder mixed by the method for making cement based permeable crystallization type waterproof coating, the quality of the products accord with JC/T2090-2011 standard, its features are as...Read More

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